Arnsparger Tele® Pickups

Handwound Tele® Style Pickups for guitar and bass
Single coil and hum cancelling pickups available.

ST Model Tele® Bridge

Tapped bridge pickup 8.3 DC in tapped position 12.9 DC in full position.
Alnico V magnets
Tapped for greater versatility.
Wound like a Broadcaster pickup in the tapped mode with extra power and crispness in the full on mode.
A five-way switch expands it's tonal palette and maximizes its potential.
Works well for rock blues, and country.
Price $80.00 each.

tapped st pickup

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ST Tele®Price for set is $144.00 comes with the Vintage Pro Neck PU - Gold Cover add $15.00 -

tapped st pickup

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Luke Francis - guitarist for The Marty Ford Experience

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Here's part of the review in Guitar Digest. It was set up using a 5-way switch to get all that the combination had to offer.

The bridge pickup in the tapped mode has plenty of Tele® twang so you can do all of that stuff Tele® bridge pickups are famous for. It is full sounding with nice highs and focused lows. The mid peak toward high mids. It has a little more guts and volume than traditional Tele® bridge pickups. It also blends nicely in the dual position with the neck pickup. It warms up the twang to a nice full sounding blend that worked great for more rock and blues leads.
Where I fell in love with the bridge pickup was when I went to the full on sound. That position takes you into rock and roll territory, giving a hint of P-90 sound but with less bass and a brighter top end. It is sitting in the bridge of a Tele® right? The mid peak gets moved lower in the spectrum. It can overdrive an amp more than any traditional Tele® pickup. Cranked all the way it sits nicely at the edge of distortion. You're not into humbucking overdrive but you are over the edge. You still get that Tele® flavor too. In combination with the neck pickup you get more of what you had before with a fuller richer beefier sound. I tended to stay on the bridge side of center. If you want Tele® on steroids this is the side for you, but a more countrified player might favor the neck side of center. - Guitar Digest

You can listen to the pickups just click on these links. There's more pickups on the listen to pickups page. All the tracks you hear are recorded using the designated pickup.

Here's a track featuring Zechary Lambert using the ST pickup

Vintage Pro Tele® neck:

Clean, balanced, and articulate - a perfect companion for the ST Tele® Bridge.
Suitable for rock, blues, and jazz.
Just read the Guitar Digest review below, I think it says it all very well.
Nice full tone, well balanced.
Alnico V Magnets
Tele® Pro Neck 7.3 DC Resistance -
List Price $80.00
Gold Cover add $15.00

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Tele Neck

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Here's some more of that Guitar Digest review.
I started with the neck position and was treated to a full sounding powerful neck pickup. Not the wimpy sound you get from many Tele neck pickups. The word piano like, woody and acoustic and balanced sounding come to mind. All the strings were clean and articulate. The bass was full and not mushy. The highs were bright and round. In fact the pickup was very balanced across the whole tonal spectrum. It worked great for rhythm work and when full up with a little volume from the amp gave up a nice blues like tone. - Guitar Digest

You can listen to the pickups just click on these links. All the tracks you hear are recorded using the designated pickup. There's more pickups on the listen to pickups page.

"Johnnie B" Model Tele® Bridge

Originally designed for a Columbus-area player and luthier, this coveted pickup is now available.
Persuasive rock, blues vibe.
8.1 DC Resistance with Alnico V
Price - $75.00 each

Johnnie B

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"Johnnie B" Tele® Neck
The other pickup originally designed for a Columbus-area player and luthier.
It nails the blues and jazz tone.
8.3 DC with alnico V magnets.
Price - $80.00 each, with Gold Cover $95.00, No Cover 70.00

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Johnnie B Set - Price $139.00 With Gold Cover add $15.00

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Tele® Bridge HUSH PUP
This is a Tele® style bridge pickup.
Coil over coil design cancels hum but captures the bite and grit of a typical T-style pickup.
Comes with Alnico V magnets, copper-plated steel baseplate.
The DC is rated at 19.4.
Great Tele sound with balance, tone and no hum.
Price $94.00 each

Hi Bill I had my tech put your HushPups in my studio workhorse telecaster and it was absolutely fantastic. It is exactly the sound I was looking for. Spot on :) It wasn't ice picky and the neck pickup could be fat and warm for R&B while the bridge is just perfect for country.... I've been referring you to others and I will also mention your brand to some new boutique guitar manufacturers that I know.... Maurice

Tele® HUSH PUP 2x4 Bridge Pickup

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Coil over coil design cancels hum and Alnico II magnets for the High E and B strings mute the attack and mellow the tone.
19.4 DC.
Price is $94.00

Tele® Neck HUSHPUP
Hum canceling pickup for the neck position.
Retains the Tele® neck sound with no hum.
Price $94.00 ea. with chrome cover or $109.00 ea. with gold cover

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Tele® Twin Turbo Bridge Pickup
Twin Turbo

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This pickup has plenty of bark and growl. If you want hot here it is. Price $94.00

TS 90 Tele® Bridge Pickup

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The girth and edge of a P-90 in an authentic package that fits in the Tele® bridge position.
Who'd have thought?
You can get the pickup tapped if you want to keep some of that twang to it.
Let me tell you, this pickup rocks.
Rated at 9 DC
If you want it tapped, we tap it at 6.4 DC.
Price $90.00


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Tele® Style Bass Pickups

Tele Bass

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These pickups are great sounding. Hand wound with plenty of depth and definition.
You have your choice of power, warmth and definition.
Choose from a dc reading of 6.7, 6.9 or 7.5. with Alnico V magnets. Tape or string wrapped.
Price is $70.00 each
... just what I was looking for. - C Riddle NC. -

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String or Tape Wound

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