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This pickup came in not working and in pieces. Apparently the work of some curious youngster who had decided to dissect the thing and in so doing did some major damage to the pickup. I say that because that is what I was informed had happened. I had somewhat assembled it to get some pictures for reference and I should have taken more to illustrate my repair process but I decided to do this article as an after thought.

Now the bobbins on this pickup were made of some real thin cardboard, the type that you might find under some candy. The wires from the bobbin were soldered to some pins that were just punched through the card board to hold them in place. Somewhat shaky I must say but then again it had worked for years. My dilemma was to rewind the pickup and use as much of the original pieces as possible.

So after looking it over I had decided to use one piece of .062 bobbin flatwork and install some eyelets so I could attach the wires. I glued the rest of the cardboard together but felt uncomfortable about the flimsiness of the cardboard being able to hold up to the tension of a rewinding process. So after some consideration and thought, I had settled on using puzzle glue not only to hold it together but to help stiffen the cardboard. After applying two coats and allowing to dry I then glued the rest of the pickup together. I then mounted the pickup to my rewinder.

I then rewound the pickup keeping an eye on not only the cardboard but on the marks left on the cardboard so that I could rewind the pickup to approximately the same output with the same amount of wire that it had held previously. It worked and held together. Now would it holdup to being wax-potted since I had used glue that I don't normally use on a pickup repair? So off to the pot we go. After heating the wax and dropping the pickup in the wax I kept a close eye on it to see if it was going to hold up. Well it did. The pickup is now together and working like it had never left the instrument. Another job well done.


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I just wanted to share this repair with you because it wasn't what I would call a normal modern single coil pickup. This pickup presented its own challenges that are not common to the pickups produced today. Plus this article could possibly educate you, or this article could help another person who manufactures and/or repairs pickups. Either way I hope you found it informative and interesting.

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