Arnsparger Strat® Style Pickups

Handwound Single Coil and Hum canceling single coil sized Pickups

- Strat® - Jaguar® - P-90® - J bass® - Humbucker size P90 - Jazzmaster -

Vintage Pro Single Coil:

These pickups are nice and smooth.
Traditional S-style tone with a pinch of hot pepper - perfect for classic rock and Texas-style blues
Neck and middle 6.2 DC Bridge 6.7 DC with Alnico V magnets.

Vintage Pro Single Coil

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All middle pickups are RWRP.
If you don't want the middle RWRP, then let me know. No extra charge.
Price $70.00 each or $189.00 a set
With choice of either black, white, aged white or cream pickup covers.
7 string pickups are available in single coil and hum cancelling - contact me for prices.

Vintage Pro Single Coil Options
Cover Color

Hi Bill, I love these pickups(Vintage Pro Single Coil Set). I bought them for a Fender Bullet I've had for around 25 years. It's a very comfortable guitar..., but it came with some pretty wimpy electronics and I'd never been able to get much of a sound out of it. I installed the Vintage Pros last weekend and can't describe the difference your pickups have made. This is now a great guitar. I can't put it down. I've been playing it through an old Fender Princeton Reverb, which now sounds soooo full and classic.... I'm very impressed with your pickups and will share my exuberance with all my friends. ..... it's really refreshing to buy something that truly lives up to the expectations. - Dan G. Los Angeles CA.
I'm lovin the pickups... It's all good stuff. Especially the strat, I'm enjoying playing this guitar again. - T. Pekkala - Marty Ford Experience
You can listen to the pickups, just click on the links below.

Vintage Pro II Strat® Pickups
Similar to the standard Vintage Pro Single Coil but with Alnico II magnets for a sweeter, less aggressive tone.
Price $70.00 each or $189.00 a set
If you want to mix and match with the regular Vintage Pros just send me an email. There is no extra charge.

Vintage Pro SC

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Vintage Pro Single Coil Options
Cover Color

Vintage Hot Plus
Strat pickup wound with Formvar wire to replicate earlier hot Strat style pickups with the bridge and middle wound to 6 dc and the bridge has a baseplate attached to the bottom bobbin fiber and wound to 6.6dc.
Price $70.00 ea. or $189.00 a set
A set you'll love to have.

Vintage Pro Single Coil Options
Cover Color

S90 Single Coil


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A strat style pickup designed like a P90® to have that characteristic P90® sound.
I think we nailed it.
Color options are White, Aged White, Creme, Black
Price $90.00

Color Options

This little single coil pickup has been specially designed for the bridge position of a strat style guitar.
The wiring is specially designed and formatted after the ST Tele bridge pickup to give similar sounding characteristics to your guitar. It screams with power but is articulate across the spectrum. It comes not only with a special winding configuration but also sports a plate on the bottom. You'll absolutely love this pickup.
Staggered A5 magnets with a DC rating of 11.2
Price is $80.00 each.
Until I can get a add to cart button just contact me with your order and I'll send you an invoice via email/ Thanks

Single Coil Sized Humbuckers

These pickups are designed to sound and have the characteristics of a single coil pickup but cancel hum. They are available in alnico 5 alnico 2 and a combination of both in which the high E and B strings are alnico 2 to cut down on the bite and add some sweetness with the rest of the pickup being made with Alnico 5.
The price for the HUSHPUPS are $94.00 each. A set of two is $180.00 and a set of three is $270.00
In the picture you will see a HUSHPUP installed in the middle position.


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Vintage Pro Single Coil Options
Cover Color
Magnet choice

The tracks are performed by Dr. Dave Freedy. The tracks are using the combination HUSHPUP.
Heaven's Spanish Rain is the HUSHPUP in the neck, I'm so Glad is the bridge Highway of Lamneth are the hushpups in both the neck and middle positions together.

P-90® Soapbar Single Coil:

P90 Cream P90Black

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Bold, firm, and even output across the strings with no hint of being brittle or harsh.
Neck and bridge versions available - bridge pickup is RWRP for hum-cancelling operation in the middle 3-way position.
Available in soapbar or dogear styles. If you want dog-ear just email me with that request along with your order.
Neck - 7.9 DC Bridge 8.8 DC With Alnico V magnets
Price is $75.00 each or $135.00 a set
Choice of black or cream cover.

Cover Options

You can listen to the pickups just click on these links. All the tracks you hear are recorded using the designated pickup. There's more on the listen to pickups page.

Hi Bill. Well,consider my senses tickled! I installed the P-90 this morning and am knocked out. Much more clarity and depth and bark, so thanks again.
Jeff Tougas - Rhode Island

HP90 Single Coil:


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A P-90 made to replace an existing humbucker with no body or pickguard modification necessary.
Ring colors come in either black, chrome, gold or chrome cover.
Neck and bridge positions.
Price is $90.00 each or $169.00 a set

Neck/bridge or Both
Ring Color

Jazzmaster 250
Nice sounding pickup with 1/4" magnets. Full sounding while allowing the tonal characteristics of the guitar to shine through.
Neck is 7.5dc with bridge available with either 5% or 10% increase.
Price $70.00 each or a pair for $120.00
Neck pickup can be paired with a regular humbucker with no cover rated at 8.6dc with alnico II magnets for List $155.00


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Pickup selection
Jazzmaster Single Bridge Option

J Style Bass Pickups
Robust, versatile pickups originally designed for luthier Gearld Strickland.
Available in 4 and 5 string versions.
Neck Pickup 8.2 DC Resistance
Bridge Pickup 9.6 DC
Price $78.00 each or $150.00 a set
5 string pickups are available. Contact me for info and pricing.

Neck, Bridge or Set

J Style

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Vintage Pro Jaguar® Pickups

tapped st pickup

Luke Francis - guitarist for The Marty Ford Experience
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The heart and soul of Jaguar® tone - enhanced and enriched.
Staggered Alnico II magnets
White Cover only
Neck pickup 6.4 DC Bridge 6.8 DC
Price $70.00 each or $120.00 a set without cradle
Price with cradle $85.00 each or $150.00 a set

Pickup selection w/o cradle
Pickup selection with cradle

All DC readings are approximate.

Custom Wound Pickups
For those of you who wish to have a custom made pickup. Contact me and I will listen to what you want, then I will wind and assemble a pickup until the tone you want is achieved.
Don't have a standard size pickup? I can make a pickup to your dimensions. Contact me and we'll see what we can do.
Price will vary.
Alnico 2, 3, 4, 5 and ceramic magnet pickups also available

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