Arnsparger Pickups


Repair Pickup - $25.00 an hour/$25.00 minimum
Rewind Single Coil - $45.00
Rewind Humbucker - 1 Coil - $45.00; both Coils - $80.00
Wax Pot Pickup - $15.00
Recharge magnets - $10.00
Wax-potting is included in the price of rewinds unless you notify me otherwise.
Parts if needed are not included in prices.
Prices quoted are for today's modern humbucking and single coil pickups.

A Word about Pickup Repairs.
Most pickups, if they are repairable, can usually be repaired within a 1 hour time frame.
If it takes longer than that then the pickup usually needs to be, at the least, rewound.
Humbuckers if they need re-wound seldom need both coils re-wound. It does happen though but not usually.

All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.
Ohio residents add 7.5% state tax.
Accepted methods of Payment can be received by personal check, cashiers check, money order or I can send you an invoice through PAYPAL.

Epoxied pickups will not be serviced.
Specialty pickups will need to be seen and then a price will be quoted or contact me I might already know from past experience.
All prices are subject to change without notice.
When sending your pickup. Make sure it is well packaged to prevent damage and if you use the USPS please be sure to include delivery confirmation so that you can rest assured that your pickup(s) got here.
Mail or ship your pickups to:
Arnsparger Pickups
2540 Spaatz Ave
Columbus, OH 43204

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