Arnsparger Pickups

Quality Handmade Pickups that are Made With Pride in the USA

Jaguar Single Coil:

Jaguar Jaguarbody

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Jag replacement pickups wound with 42ga Formvar
Bridge pickup wound hotter than normal and is RWRP for hum-cancelling operation when both are in use.
Comes with cradle
Neck - 6.3 DC Bridge 7.1 DC With your choice of either Alnico V or II magnets
Price is $85.00 each or $150.00 a set
White or off white covers.
Email your order until buttons can be setup.

Vintage Pro Jaguar® Pickups

tapped st pickup

Luke Francis - guitarist for The Marty Ford Experience
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The heart and soul of Jaguar® tone - enhanced and enriched.
Staggered Alnico II magnets
White Cover only
Neck pickup 6.4 DC Bridge 6.8 DC
Price $70.00 each or $120.00 a set without cradle
Price with cradle $85.00 each or $150.00 a set

Pickup selection w/o cradle
Pickup selection with cradle

All DC readings are approximate.

Jazzmaster 250
Nice sounding pickup with 1/4" magnets. Full sounding while allowing the tonal characteristics of the guitar to shine through.
Neck is 7.5dc with bridge available with either 5% or 10% increase.
Price $70.00 each or a pair for $120.00
Neck pickup can be paired with a regular humbucker with no cover rated at 8.6dc with alnico II magnets for List $155.00


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Pickup selection
Jazzmaster Single Bridge Option

HP90 Single Coil:


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A P-90 made to replace an existing humbucker with no body or pickguard modification necessary.
Ring colors come in either black, chrome, gold or chrome cover.
Neck and bridge positions.
Price is $90.00 each or $169.00 a set

Neck/bridge or Both
Ring Color

"I'm very impressed with the HP-90 pickup. A very responsive, and articulate sound that makes you want to play your guitar more often."
- Christopher Fouke - Fouke Industrial Guitars