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P Style Bass Pickups


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P Bass Hot Set

Staggered Alnico V magnets
Extended midrange output for pronounced snap, slap, and funk.
15.8 DC Resistance
Price $99.00

P Bass Standard Pickup
Hand-wound versions created to replace a standard P-Bass® set.
Staggered Alnico V magnets 10.3 DC. Black covers only.Price $99.00

J Style Bass Pickups
Robust, versatile pickups originally designed for luthier Gearld Strickland.
Available in 4 and 5 string versions.
Neck Pickup 8.2 DC Resistance
Bridge Pickup 9.6 DC
Price $78.00 each or $150.00 a set
5 string pickups are available. Contact me for info and pricing.

Neck, Bridge or Set

J Style

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J-Bass Hush Pups
These are J bass style pickups that are hum-cancelling that will fit in a body or pick guard routed for a standard J-bass pickup.
Price is $94.00 ea.
Until a button is created and you would like to purchase this pickup just email me and I will send an invoice to you.

Tele® Style Bass Pickups

Tele Bass

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These pickups are great sounding. Hand wound with plenty of depth and definition.
You have your choice of power, warmth and definition.
Choose from a dc reading of 6.7, 6.9 or 7.5. with Alnico V magnets. Tape or string wrapped.
Price is $70.00 each
... just what I was looking for. - C Riddle NC. -

DC Options
String or Tape Wound

All DC readings are approximate.

Custom Wound Pickups
Contact me for your custom-wound or unique-sized pickup needs.
Prices will vary
Alnico 2, 3, 4, 5 and ceramic magnet pickups available also.

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