Here's a link to a pretty good article done by Logan Tabor of MojoTone about Arnsparger Pickups.

Mojo Tone Article

Bill, We only talked over the phone, but I owe you! You may remember that Guitar House Workshop was doing some work on my guitar and they put me in touch with you.  First off, my guitar has a strat-style pickup configuration (2 single-coil plus humbucker bridge), however standard strat bobbins didn't fit.  You altered (or remade, I'm not sure which) the pickups you originally built and eventually everything fit perfectly.
The real joy to me is how this instrument responds to my playing with your pickups in it.  All 5 selections provide useful and beautiful sounds. I had practiced at home and played it in rehearsal, but the real test is playing out; I couldn't believe the results.  My bandmates asked, "What did you do to your guitar?  It sounds great!"
I've fallen in love with this guitar all over again.

Dana L. White

We are pleased to welcome Maurice Arenas as he now endorses Arnsparger Pickups and currently uses the HUSHPUPS in his G & L guitar. He is a featured columnist in several guitar magazines as well as a Trufire instructor. He is well pleased with these pickups and wants to add more to his arsenal. We look forward to working with and providing him with what he needs in his guitars. Please visit his website and get to know Maurice at:
Maurice Arenas Guitar
Here's a little about what he had to say about the pickups.
"Hi Bill I just wanted to let you know I got the pickups early this morning and had my tech install them and was floored by how wonderful they sound. I had them installed into my Custom Made G&L Legacy HB and tested them straight in to a Fender Vibro King with no effects and was pleasantly surprised. You by far make the best pickups I have ever had installed in a stratocaster. Trust me I don't give compliments like that easily. And trust me I've tried many pickups in my lifetime let alone my 25 years of doing studio work. They are completely everything I have been searching for years in a strat pickup, warm, fat, even, clear and no 60 cycle hum.... Fantastic!!!!"


Bill, just wanted to say this is a great pickup you made for me, very pleased. Everyone that has heard this lap steel has complemented on how good it sounds. Thanks for working with me on the three wiring options with this stacked humbucker, even the single coil position is very quiet. Everything I expected and more.
Steve M, Centerburg, Ohio.

"Mr. Bill Arnsparger! My Man! Thanks so much for the technical expertise and sonic diversity that you bring to the world of guitar pickupery. I find your pickups to be both nutritious and delicious; good, and good for you. In other words, rich in harmonic content while, at the same time, transparent enough to allow the acoustic properties of the instrument to still shine through. Genius? Inspiration? Pixie Dust? Madness? Arnsparger!"
Dave Freedy

You have taken such great care of us and have blessed us so much with your friendship and superb service.
Luke Francis - Marty Ford Experience

Just wanted to let you know how much I like your pickups....I'm sure I'll be upgrading subsequent acquisitions with your pickups as well!
Steve Graves

I'm really proud of the guitar sounds we were able to achieve (especially since the guitar is such a huge part in our sound) and without a doubt Arnsparger Pickups improved our sound and ability to stretch ourselves tonally!
Trent Pekkala - Marty Ford Experience

The double tele bridge pick up is nothing short of awesome.
Dean Smith - Canada

Hi Bill. Well, consider my senses tickled! I installed the P-90 this morning and am knocked out. Much more clarity and depth and bark, so thanks again.
Jeff Tougas - Rhode Island

Rodney December 30th, 2011 2:19 am Hi – after the 2011 Cairns Ukulele Festival and watching The Sweet Hollywaiians I decided to get a slide uke. Current market slide ukes were uninspiring and very expensive so I decided to make one ! Using a 1920s bell shape uke and obtaining slide guitar fittings thru eBay (and making my own), I obtained a custom wound pickup and wiring harness from Bill Arnsparger in the US – the result is fantastic played through a Roland Cube Street amp and surpasses my expectations. Uke is constructed using a combination of West Australian Jarrah hardwood and Fijian Mahogany and is ‘semi-acoustic’ which means I can easily practice without am amp.
Quote taken from a ukulele forum

The bridge pickup in the tapped mode has plenty of Tele® twang so you can do all of that stuff Tele® bridge pickups are famous for. It is full sounding with nice highs and focused lows. The mid peak toward high mids. It has a little more guts and volume than traditional Tele® bridge pickups. It also blends nicely in the dual position with the neck pickup. It warms up the twang to a nice full sounding blend that worked great for more rock and blues leads.
Where I fell in love with the bridge pickup was when I went to the full on sound. That position takes you into rock and roll territory, giving a hint of P-90 sound but with less bass and a brighter top end. It is sitting in the bridge of a Tele® right? The mid peak gets moved lower in the spectrum. It can overdrive an amp more than any traditional Tele® pickup. Cranked all the way it sits nicely at the edge of distortion. You're not into humbucking overdrive but you are over the edge. You still get that Tele® flavor too. In combination with the neck pickup you get more of what you had before with a fuller richer beefier sound. I tended to stay on the bridge side of center. If you want Tele® on steroids this is the side for you, but a more countrified player might favor the neck side of center. - Guitar Digest

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