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Quality Handmade Pickups that are Made With Pride in the USA

P-90® Soapbar Single Coil:

P90 Cream P90Black

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Bold, firm, and even output across the strings with no hint of being brittle or harsh.
Neck and bridge versions available - bridge pickup is RWRP for hum-cancelling operation in the middle 3-way position.
Neck - 7.9 DC Bridge 8.8 DC With Alnico V magnets
Price is $75.00 each or $135.00 a set
Choice of black or cream cover.

Cover Options

You can listen to the pickups just click on these links. All the tracks you hear are recorded using the designated pickup. There's more on the listen to pickups page.

Hi Bill. Well,consider my senses tickled! I installed the P-90 this morning and am knocked out. Much more clarity and depth and bark, so thanks again.
Jeff Tougas - Rhode Island

P90 Dog Ear
Same pickups as the soap bar but using the dog ear frame, bobbin and cover. Available in black, chrome or plastic chrome cover.
Prices are the same as soap bar pickups, $75.00 each or $135.00 for a pair. Until I get the buy now buttons up you can email with your specs and I'll send you a PAYPAL invoice.


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A P90 pickup made with alnico magnet pole pieces instead of the standard P90 style.
You get a little more crispness with an immediate attack. Great sounding pickup.


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Comes in either soap bar or dog ear.
Prices are $75.00 each or $135.00 for a pair.

HP90 Single Coil:


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A P-90 made to replace an existing humbucker with no body or pickguard modification necessary.
Ring colors come in either black, chrome, gold or chrome cover.
Neck and bridge positions.
Price is $90.00 each or $169.00 a set

Neck/bridge or Both
Ring Color

"I'm very impressed with the HP-90 pickup. A very responsive, and articulate sound that makes you want to play your guitar more often."
- Christopher Fouke - Fouke Industrial Guitars