Misc Pickup Projects

I thought I would show some pics of a couple of the projects I've done or repaired.

This is a custom double Tele Bridge pickup I made.

Double Tele

Here's the guitar with the custom double Tele bridge pickup with some Arnsparger HUSHPUPS in the neck and middle.

Deans Tele

Here are some photos of a Hofner pickup I rewound for better tone.

Hofner1 Hofner

A pickup made for a Gibson BR6 lap steel guitar.


DeArmond Speed Bump Pickups in for repair.

SBTop SB Bottom SBcoveroff Waxremoved

A bass pickup that needed to be rewound. You'll notice that on the outside it would appear to be a humbucker but as you can see it only has one coil.


A Ric bass pickup that needed to be re-wound.

Ric Dis Ric rew Ric fin

A Fender stacked pickup needing repaired.

Fender1 Fender3 Fender2

A custom style P90.

P90 P902

A dead Electar pickup that had to be rewound.

Electar Elec Amps

A supro pup that needed to be rewound.

Supro Apart Suprodone

Here's a SD JB Jr that came in to be rewound


A custom made Musicmaster bass Pickup. It was made with 4 poles instead of six. The instrument could not be modified so I had to work with the space allotted me. Made also with more depth for better tone and power.


A custom made Tele neck pickup with exposed magnets.


A custom project using a couple of my Hushpups with a Fester T-Top. I tried to educate a potential buyer that you can make hum-canceling pickups(stacked) using the same magnets without using a dummy coil but he chose to listen to another pickup maker giving him theory, albeit false and/or misunderstood. His argument was based on what he read or heard and why it doesn't and wouldn't work when he apparently had no working knowledge of the facts he was presenting. Take my word for it, when you know what you're doing, they do work.


A TVJones pickup came in not working. After disassembly it appears it was disassembled before by someone not knowing what they were doing. It is repaired and no back in service with a happy musician.

jones1 jones2 jones3 jones4 jones5

Some Jaguar pickups from 1964.

jag1 jag2 jag3

A PAF and a patented number sticker pickup.


A Guild HB-1 humbucker needed rewound. Heavily corroded.

HB1 HB1back HB1nocover

A custom made lap steel pickup. lap steel

Some more custom made lap steel pickups made for luthier/repairman G. Strickland.
lap steel1lap steel2

Here's a pic of a guitar belonging to Hayes Griffin with the Arnsparger mini humbucker a Arnsparger Strat pickup and the Arnsparger ST Tele bridge pickup in it. Hayes is an awesome guitarist
Hayes Tele