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- Humbuckers - Single Coils - Minihumbuckers - Bass Pickups - Lap Steel - Custom Wound -
- Replacement pickups for your Strat®, Tele®, Jaguar®, Jazzmaster / P-90® and humbucking replacements -
- Custom made pickups made to your dimensions and/or specs -

For me, making pickups is a passion. That's why I create hand-wound, boutique-quality, and reasonably-priced guitar pickups for almost every application. All my pickups are individually crafted with an expert's attention to detail and a players empathy with the instrument. Whether you're seeking vintage, modern, or an elusive tone in-between, my pickups will help deliver the desired sound from your guitar. If you’re looking for hand-wound telecaster pickups, a hand-wound strat pickup or hand-wound humbucking pickups you can find what you’re looking for right here. We make stacked pickups or side by side coils for those of you looking for hum-canceling pickups to fit a single coil spacing. This is the place for getting those hand wound pickups with great tone for you’re mandolin, six string, seven string, lap steel or bass guitar. So,I invite you to select your pickups and set free your musical imagination!

You are not limited to just what you see here on the web site. If you have any questions, or you don't see a type of pickup, or pickup configuration like the HSS and etc., or anything else you might be looking for, I'd be glad to help you.
So feel free to email me at

Here's a link to a pretty good article done by Logan Tabor of MojoTone about Arnsparger Pickups.
Mojo Tone Article

Take your time and check out the pickups and website. Click on any of the menu items on the left. Thanks and enjoy.

"Mr. Bill Arnsparger! My Man! Thanks so much for the technical expertise and sonic diversity that you bring to the world of guitar pickupery. I find your pickups to be both nutritious and delicious; good, and good for you. In other words, rich in harmonic content while, at the same time, transparent enough to allow the acoustic properties of the instrument to still shine through. Genius? Inspiration? Pixie Dust? Madness? Arnsparger!"
Dave Freedy
You have taken such great care of us and have blessed us so much with your friendship and superb service.
Luke Francis - Marty Ford Experience
Just wanted to let you know how much I like your pickups....I'm sure I'll be upgrading subsequent acquisitions with your pickups as well!
Steve Graves
I'm really proud of the guitar sounds we were able to achieve (especially since the guitar is such a huge part in our sound) and without a doubt Arnsparger Pickups improved our sound and ability to stretch ourselves tonally!
Trent Pekkala - Marty Ford Experience
The double tele bridge pick up is nothing short of awesome.
Dean Smith - Canada
Hi Bill. Well, consider my senses tickled! I installed the P-90 this morning and am knocked out. Much more clarity and depth and bark, so thanks again.
Jeff Tougas - Rhode Island
Rodney December 30th, 2011 2:19 am Hi – after the 2011 Cairns Ukulele Festival and watching The Sweet Hollywaiians I decided to get a slide uke. Current market slide ukes were uninspiring and very expensive so I decided to make one ! Using a 1920s bell shape uke and obtaining slide guitar fittings thru eBay (and making my own), I obtained a custom wound pickup and wiring harness from Bill Arnsparger in the US – the result is fantastic played through a Roland Cube Street amp and surpasses my expectations. Uke is constructed using a combination of West Australian Jarrah hardwood and Fijian Mahogany and is ‘semi-acoustic’ which means I can easily practice without am amp.
Quote taken from a ukulele forum

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Guitar Setup, Repairs and Maintenance

More than a pickup maker
You may not know Bill Arnsparger but there's a good chance your guitar does.

We now offer maintenance and repairs for your fretted instruments.
Bill was a master luthier at one of the best-known repair shops in the midwest for 11 years. That shop has recently closed, but if you ever dropped your guitar off to a shop on North High street in Clintonville/Columbus OH there's a good chance you are already familiar with his work. If you want to continue getting the quality of work you’re used to getting, then give him a call or email him. With over 11 years with J. Thomas Davis Guitar Maker and a total of 25 years experience working on guitars, he would appreciate it and would like to continue serving you. Check out the Guitar Repair and Maintenance page for more details.

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